Why is Ceramic a Good Material for Brewing Coffee?

What is your coffee mug made out of? Does it matter? Yes, it does. What about your coffee dripper? The usual choices are plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic, and ceramic is considered to be the best choice. Ceramic is usually what the mugs are made from. So, ceramic is the best material for drinking the coffee from, and it is the best for brewing it, as well. Let’s look at some of the reasons why ceramic is such a good choice of material for brewing your coffee.

Ceramic is strong

No matter what bean you prefer, there is nothing delicate about coffee. Ceramic is a sturdy and solid material and that is what makes it better than plastic for use as a pour-over coffee dripper. There is no worry about a coffee dripper made from ceramic melting, or deteriorating over time.

Another benefit to the strength and sturdiness of the ceramic pour-over dripper is that it looks like the right object for the job. The ceramic coffee-dripper was made for this purpose and it will not spill or become unbalanced as the boiling water drips through it. Once you have a ceramic coffee dripper, then it will be a part of your coffee ritual and will be there waiting and ready for your morning, each day.

It is certainly true that you can buy a plastic coffee dripper for just a few dollars, but a ceramic coffee dripper is not very expensive either, and it will need replacing less often. Just the fact that the best pour over coffee dripper is beautiful means that it is likely to be better taken care of, and always at hand.

Ceramic handles the heat

Coffee is delicious hot or cold, but not when it is cold by accident! It is best enjoyed at the temperature that was intended. That means that the water should be boiled to just the right temperature and it should remain in that temperature range during the brewing process and while waiting to be drunk. Ceramic is an excellent heat conductor, so the heat of the water will not change the taste of the coffee.

Ceramic, in fact, does not bring a taste of any kind to the coffee, and this is the main reason why it is the preferred material. When you make the coffee from a ceramic dripper or drink it out of a ceramic mug, there is no aftertaste, nor does it pick up any flavor or smells from the past.

Finally, there is one other reason why ceramic is the best choice. It is easy to clean. You can just throw it in the dishwasher. And it is possible to buy in a color to match your other mugs, and your decor, if that is something that matters to you.

Why ceramic? Because ceramic coffee drippers are attractive, durable, sturdy and solid, and good heat conductors. They are easy to clean, never smell funny or leave an odd taste. In short, ceramic is the best material to use for coffee because ceramic makes coffee taste great.