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Looking For a New Way to Brew Delicious Coffee?

The manual pour-over brewing method of coffee making has become one of the most preferred methods by coffee lovers around the world.

Our ceramic coffee dripper provides you with complete control of your brew and retains optimal heat while brewing your perfect cup.

It is so simple...and delicious... that you will wonder why this hasn't been in your life forever!

Try the Kajava way...

Are you looking for small ceramic pour over coffee makers?

How to Brew the Kajava Way

The Kajava Classic Collection

Kajava Classic Dripper


Kajava Classic Dripper - Black


Kajava Classic Dripper - Brown


Our Mission

At Kajava Mama, we believe that enjoying a cup of coffee can be one of the best parts of the day. Our mission is to provide high quality coffee accessories at a fair price and give our customers the ultimate coffee experience.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The design of this dripper is beautiful, works much better than my old manual dripper. The grooves in the sides allow the coffee to come down quickly. The single hole at the bottom is larger so it does not back up at the bottom. Perfect cup every time.

Brooke B.

I've used many types of coffee makers, from pod style to dripper style and everything in between. I love the design and the final result is always amazing. 

Grace D.

I use this dripper everyday. I went from a machine to a Kajava dripper and what a difference it makes. The coffee tastes smoother and fresher. I can even adjust the boldness to my mood! Love my dripper. 

Lisa C.

Kajava Mama

Our premium coffee dripper is affordable and easy to maintain. It is the perfect way to start your day. Get yours on Amazon today!


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