Beginner’s Guide to Making Coffee with Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

Brewing your own coffee at home is one of the first things you do in the morning—it gives you that kick to start your day. There are many different methods available, from the easy-to-make coffee maker drip method to using cappuccino and espresso machines. This guide, however, will cover one of the easiest non-machine methods: the pour-over coffee dripper. With no waste plastics, this environmentally friendly method is easy, and great for someone who is looking for an amazing cup of coffee and only needs one or two cups at a time. With the best pour over coffee dripper, you’ll be energized in no time.

Selecting and Grinding the Beans

The first thing you need to prepare when getting ready to use the best pour-over coffee dripper is the beans. It’s best that you get yourself whole beans, and make sure you store them in an airtight container in your fridge (or a cool location.) Freshly ground beans will get you the fullest flavor, so to start, you will grab your beans and grind up the amount you will need for your morning coffee. You’ll want to grind them to a consistency that is between sea salt and sand; experiment to help you decide which gives you the flavor and speed that is best for you.

Heating the Water

For the ideal cup of coffee from the best pour-over coffee dripper, you will want to prepare your water in an electric kettle with temperature control. If you don’t have temperature control, then you can just try to bring you water to an almost boil, or you can use a thermometer that is safe to stick in your kettle. 250F will be your target temperature, and by using a gooseneck kettle, you will have the best pouring control possible.

Preparing the Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

Next, you need to prepare your best pour-over coffee dripper with a paper filter. Many use a #2 size of the filter, but double-check with your dripper’s instruction manual. To ensure the paper filter doesn’t add a papery taste to your coffee after you have placed your filter and set the whole dripper on your cup, pour a small amount of hot water into the dripper. Saturating the filter will wash away the papery taste.

Weighing Out the Beans

After you have saturated your filter, lift the best pour-over coffee dripper off your mug, empty the mug, and place the dripper with filter and empty mug onto an electronic scale. Tare (zero) your scale with the weight of the whole dripper contraption on it. Now, you add your ground beans on top of the filter, 23 grams per 350 grams of water for one cup.

Brewing the Coffee

Now it’s time to brew with your best pour-over coffee dripper. Tare your scale again with the mug, pour-over dripper, filter, and beans all on it, and begin adding your water. Techniques vary at this point, but one variation is: slowly add 60 grams of water, pouring from the outer edge and spiraling inward. Then, wait for it to drip all the way through. Next, add another 90 grams of water, spiraling from the inside outward; wait for drip. Then, add another 100 grams of water using the same spiraling motion; wait for drip before finally adding the last 100 grams in the center.


Get Your Own Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

Now that you know how to make the perfect cup of coffee, you can visit the Kajava Mama website and order yourself the best pour-over coffee dripper. Hand-crafted with natural ceramic, you’ll be able to make the best cup of coffee easily every day.