Tips for Choosing the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour-over coffee is quickly becoming the way that coffee lovers prefer to enjoy a cup. Rather than using heavy and expensive coffee machines, or dealing with at-home espresso machines, many are opting for the low-cost, delicious option of pour-over coffee. But choosing your pour-over coffee maker is as important as the beans you use, so we have put together a guide. Here are a few tips for finding the best pour over coffee maker for you.

1. Go for Ceramic

While you can get pour-over coffee makers in many different materials, from cheap plastic to trendy metals, the best material is ceramic. Ceramics remain the best pour-over coffee makers for heat insulation, durability, and looks. Ceramic is a unique insulator that will warm up as you pour over your coffee, without becoming too hot to touch, and that gives you more control over your pour. Unlike plastic, they will not warp with repeated use, either, meaning your ceramic pour-over coffee machine can last you much, much longer. Plus, the ceramic ones can come in different colors to match your décor. Also stay away from metal drippers, as they can burn you or overheat the water while brewing.

2. Get One that’s Comfortable

Believe it or not, ergonomic design is very important when using a pour-over coffee maker. It may seem like a small detail, but you do not want your hand cramping up when you are pouring, nor do you want to be holding something awkwardly when pouring boiling hot water. The best pour-over coffee maker will put your comfort and safety first with a design that is easy to use and that keeps your hands far away from the heat.

3. Think About Flow

Water needs to sit in the pour-over coffee maker for a while, but you also don’t want to spend too much time pouring small amounts of water into a cup for a few minutes. The solution, and one used by the best pour-over coffee makers, is to have a larger spout on the bottom. This offers better control and less supervision than the ones with smaller spouts.

4. Choose Walls that Help

Many low-quality pour-over coffee makers use smooth walls for the interior of the cup. While this makes production less expensive, it doesn’t account for the physics behind pour-over coffee and how liquid and coffee grounds interact in a funnel. The best pour-over coffee makers use spiral patterns on the walls to help the water spin and interact with the grounds more before it comes out the bottom spout, leading to a richer flavor. When shopping for your pour-over coffee maker, be sure to look for spiral walls on the inside.

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